GRANDMA ALERT: Rigatoni Filo e Fumo

At Sunday Dinner Club we are always asked about our style of cuisine - we are never totally sure what to say, but I like "seasonal grandma food."  Food that stays rooted to tradition but is updated for the seasons.  I'm always on the look out for "grandma food."  Food your grandma (or your fantasy grandma) might have made.

Here's one: rigatoni filo e fumo at

La Bocca della Verita'

in Lincoln Square.  Seems to translate to rigatoni with wire and smoke.  The dish is simple - spicy tomato sauce, smoky guanciale, wiry fresh mozzarella and rigatoni.  It's fucking good.  They often don't have it on the menu, sometimes it's a special.  They might hate that I share this, but if you ask for it when it's not on the menu and it's a slow night - they just might make it for you.  

La Bocca is the quintessential neighborhood Italian restaurant - nothing pretentious, easy decor, and relaxed environment run by a mother and daughter who clearly love what they do and have built a life that revolves around the restaurant.  Food is exactly what you want and always good - tomato sauces are pretty special.  Had my first date with my wife there.  She had Spaghetti and Clams and I had, you guessed it, filo e fume! 

Rigatoni Filo e Fumo at La Bocca de la Verita

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