Spend the Money: Villa Manodori Balsamic

In the chef world, we are always on the look out for truly special ingredients.  One we at Sunday Dinner Club keep coming back to is

Villa Manodori Balsamic Vinegar

.  This vinegar is like a syrup - rich, mature, tangy, and intense.  The producer is celebrated Italian chef Massimo Bottura.  I used to live in New York and I was a fifth grade teacher.  I spent my evenings drinking and cooking my way through classic cookbooks and my weekends checking out all the markets and food New York has to offer.  I stumbled upon Villa Manodori vinegar at some upscale market and sampled it - blew me away.  Years later, I was lucky enough to meet Chef Bottura for a moment at a food show in NYC, and I think I may have scared him a bit - I was so damn excited to meet the guy who produced such an awesome product.  Try it out, it's pricey, but you won't need much and it'll make you happy.  Drizzle on fruit, ice cream, salad greens, steak, damn near anything.